Our life’s fabric

I was talking to a friend about the difficulty in coping with a “bad” previous relationship. She is having a hard time letting go.  It got me thinking about a couple of things…..

First of all, we do not need to beat ourselves up for our choices in past relationships. We try to choose what we think we need or want.  Sometimes we simply choose what we didn’t choose the first time because that proved wrong.  Some may have been very toxic and dangerous. Guess what?  You are no longer in that relationship.  You are strong.

Are you happy now?  If yes, then congratulate yourself for getting there.  Why regret anything?  Every decision and relationship moved you where you are today (in a place of happiness).  Be grateful not critical.  If no, then I hope you soon find your happiness (it’s there waiting for you).

Every person we encounter and every decision that we make forms our life’s material. Each one is a fiber in our life’s fabric.  Some are strong, some frayed, some shiny, some dark, some pliable, some rough…  Embrace them all, for they are who you are.  They make us more loving, strong, vulnerable, compassionate, resilient, wise, forgiving, amusing, cautious…

Thank your bad relationships for putting you where you needed to be.  Don’t dwell on them or give them any more energy than that.  Just accept that they happened and move on weaving more fabric as you go.

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