Letting go and understanding…

I was discussing with my sister how I need to let go of my anger about Trump’s election but unsure of how to do it.  I thought that I needed to understand where my anger comes from so I’ve been thinking…….

Why am I so mad?  I suspect am going to be OK through all of this but others are going to suffer and suffer bad.

Hate and racism runs through our community, state and country. The thin layer of veneer (common decency) which kept it suppressed has been ripped off.  Suddenly, with Trump’s permission, it is acceptable to spout hate toward our fellow Americans. He has incited a movement of “taking back our country” from people who are different from the right wing conservative. I am not sure of what rights they are taking back because as far as I know the 2nd amendment is still intact. I am pissed that he has made hating someone acceptable because they are different.

Now there were people who proclaim not to be racist and would not act in a racist manner that were able to overlook the hate that was spewed throughout his campaign for a greater good.  Since I periodically and personally asked Trump folks why they would vote for such a person, not one could or did (except for the answer ‘Hillary is a crook’).

When I asked about what crimes she had committed I would get a couple of answers…..She used her personal email server for government business.  This is serious.  I agree.  But “Hillary Haters” hated her long before this.  This is not “the crime” that made people vote against her.  She was investigated twice without being charged for anything other than poor judgement.  What does the average American really know about this?  Not much, just the chants of their candidate at rallies to “Lock her up”.  Folks believe, without real insider knowledge, that she must have been given special treatment to avoid prosecution. Then there is the Clinton Foundation and its sometimes lack of transparency.  Again, no criminal findings but maybe poor judgement.  Maybe the fact that the Clinton’s have been in government and the public eye for over 35 years have made them more vulnerable to scrutiny.  How many voters took the time to really look up the claims that she is a criminal?  Many have just heard it for so many years that they accept it as truth.  On top of all this, her husband was a cheat and exploited his power with sexual activities and she stayed with him.  So what other crimes has she committed?  When I asked my hairdresser why she was voting for Trump, she said “because Hillary is a criminal and she may have even killed someone”.  She was shook up when I asked her what crimes she committed and couldn’t answer the question.  I decided not to pursue it any more because she had the scissors and my hair was right there.  BTW she is a very normal nice everyday person that I am very sure has not done any research on either of the candidates.  Ahhh…she may have killed someone….yes, the Benghazi consulate four Americans were killed while she was Secretary of State and those deaths were blamed on her by many.  It was investigated and was determined that there was no way anyone could have gotten to those souls in time to save them.   Under Bush there were 13 attacks on American embassies, sixty-five dead, four Americans, no investigations.  Under Reagan there were four attacks, sixty-three dead, 17 U.S. citizens.  It was similarly criticized and investigated.  Its aftermath lacked the partisan zeal brought to bear on Benghazi.

Was Trump the “outsider” they hoped would clean up the government’s corruption?  I look at him as the Michael Brown of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  Good and valid cause but the wrong poster boy.

I will continue this later as my day’s activities are calling me……

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