I’m concerned….

I am concerned about our future…every part of it.  I hear “Give it a chance, he might surprise you”.  I do not think it is a time to lay back and watch things happen hoping for a positive outcome.  I am not so naive to think he won’t do some good things though I cannot imagine what they might be. So I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I do not intend on being an idle watcher. We need to protect our personal rights, the environment, the economy…It’s time to band together for quality healthcare for all citizens.  We cannot accept the registration of our citizens by religious affiliation especially if just one is singled out.  How has that worked in the past?  Sadness and embarrassment.  No, use your voice and be heard at every level of government.  A united voice is how we get it done.  And there is a lot to do….

The United “says” of America

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