Women March….differently.

After the march I watched the 10 o’clock news and felt very proud that I marched that day with the rest of the world. I am afraid of the the new administration and their intentions. I have WWP. I am blessed financially and have a good job. I DO CARE about others rights and injustice. I care about civil liberties, equality for all, right to choose, healthcare for all, separation of church and state, etc. I cannot help who I am but I try to be better, to treat people fairly. I want to make a difference. I call my representatives nearly everyday with a concern about our country. I do not know many WOC. I live in a white world and that is who I know.
Getting back to the news that night, after the Women March there was a story about a very different march in north city. These were WOC marching against the violence in their neighborhood. The neighborhood of the 15 year old girl that was murdered by two assailants with semi-automatics in front of her house. I felt uncomfortable (and maybe even ashamed) that the big march overshadowed the real struggle we have here in our own city. As I watched the news, I made a promise to myself to figure out what I can really do here on the grounds of St. Louis to make the community safer, stronger and unified. God has blessed me and I need to multiply and share those gifts. I’m ready to start.

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