Will there ever be joy again?

Hate, hate, hate.

I saw a post this morning on FB about a Muslim woman expressing her fear about going out in public.  I cannot imagine how fearful the Muslim community is right now. I am embarrassed, angry and saddened by the responses of my “fellow” Americans to her fears.

“Go back to where you came from.”

“Don’t wear that shit.”


These were just a few of the comments. Really? Such hate towards someone they do not know but clearly feel so superior to. It nagged at me all day. Why did it bother me? I’m getting used to seeing hate all the time. Will there ever be joy again?

I wanted to tell them that if their parents raised them to hate people that are different then they did a fine job raising a racist. But if their parents raised them to help their neighbor no matter what they look like then their parents would be ashamed of the display of hatred showered on this frightened woman. What would your parents say abouth this?  Is this how you are raising your children? I know that good people voted for Trump, but how do you explain or justify his hatred and racism? And not just to yourself but to your children? They see the hate. Do you tell them you voted for the hater? I know Hillary was bad too. She called Trump supporters “deplorables”. I thought, what? Why would she call Trump supporters names? Very, very stupid. Trump insulted and called many people names but somehow it was OK. It was OK that he insulted Gold Star parents about their religion and mocked a handicapped reporter. But ‘deplorables’ is what is remembered. Really? Of course Trump didn’t call you a name. If you are a woman, he most certainly disrespected you. But maybe you accept that behavior from men.

Getting back to my thoughts about the Muslim woman. The “haters” knew nothing of this woman. She could have been born and raised in the States and happens to be Muslim. She’s American and has the same rights as the “haters”. But because she wears a hijab she doesn’t belong. I pray they do not consider themselves Christians but I suspect that they do. Let’s assume the woman is a Muslim from Turkey and is here for a visit. She is someone’s mother. When she returns from her trip from this wonderfully inclusive country and tells her sons how she was disrespected, touched, tormented, etc. Her sons are going to have a filthy opinion of the country that disrepected their mother. They, in turn, will disrespect, touch, torment, etc. your christian mother or sister when they are in Turkey. Now you may say, “my family would never go to Turkey or any other predominately Muslim country”. Which is probably true. I have a niece, nephew and great-niece in Turkey. I fear how the sons of this scared Muslim woman will treat them. Will they perpetuate the hate of the Americans? I suspect so. My family and any other family overseas will be at greater risk of harm due to the racism in America.



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